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The Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program provides access to healthy, nutrient dense foods for families and individuals on Denman Island.

The registrations for our 2021 Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program are now closed.

This year the program benefited 25 recipients. The program started on June 19th 2021 and will run until December 11th 2021. Coupons received this year can be redeemed at the Denman Island Farmers’ Market until December 11th 2021.


Please stay tuned for more information about our 2022 Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program, or contact us at for more information.

What is the Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program?

  • This program is a healthy eating initiative that supports farmers’ markets and strengthens food security across British Columbia.
  • It provides coupons that can be spent at Denman Island farmers’ markets to purchase vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, dairy, cut herbs, meat and fish.
  • The program prioritizes seniors, pregnant woman, and families with children under the age of 5; it is inclusive of families with children 5-18 when possible.
  • If you fall into one of the above categories, self identify as low-income or face barriers such as isolation, this program could be a fit for you
  • Participants will get $21 per week for 16 weeks to spend on fruit, veggies, eggs, fresh herbs, vegetable/fruit plants, meat, and nuts.
  • The program starts on June 19th and will run until December 11th.
  • Redeeming coupons is easy! Just treat them like cash at your favourite stalls at the farmers market.


This program is delivered by the BC Farmers Market Association, with financial support from the province of British Columbia. On Denman, the program is being jointly coordinated by the GPA and us, DICES.