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ACEbc – Association for Community Education in BC. ACEbc has been a key organization in support of community schools for over 25 years in British Columbia- Directory of BC Community Schools

ABCDAsset-Based Community Development Institute

Appreciative Inquiry – The AI Commons is a worldwide portal devoted to the fullest sharing of academic resources and practical tools on Appreciative Inquiry and the rapidly growing discipline of positive change.

CIDACanadian International Development Agency helps to fund community schools overseas. Go to the CIDA web site and search for “community schools” for some interesting stories and information. In Egypt, for example: “Since 1994, CIDA has spent $6.5 million supporting an educational program in three impoverished governorates that has created 201 community schools. In these schools, the majority of students – about 70% – are girls.”

Coalition for Community Schools – This website – although based in the US-  offers some excellent resources. In June, 2003 they released “Making the Difference – Research and Practice in Community Schools.” The 13 page executive summary will be very useful to all community schools supporters and advocates. Be sure to also look for “Community Schools – Partnerships for Excellence.”

Community Education – Check out the CE Toolkits on Wisconsin Department of Public Education 

Enquiry BCContacts for all government MLAs, Ministers, etc.

Highlander Center – Since 1932, the center has worked for social justice, civil rights, voting rights, and integration in the US.

Ministry of EducationCommunityLINK funding

Mott Foundation – Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, where community schools began in Flint, Michigan.

NCEA Home Page – The U.S. National Community Education Association

Paulo Freire – Perhaps the most influential thinker about popular education in the late twentieth century. Mr. Freire has been particularly popular with informal educators with his emphasis on dialogue and his concern for the oppressed.

Saskatchewan Community Education – Saskatchewan has taken a comprehensive approach to community schools in the province.
This is a very extensive website with some good resources and links, but it can be hard to find the community school material. Try the above link, and search the site for Community Education.

The Evolution of the Community School ConceptBook: The Leadership of Frank J. Manley, by Larry E. Decker.

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